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    How do I get a quote for a bulk purchase?

    We offer wholesale of HHC Saltypot and Dripp products, as well as bulk or white label packaging. To receive a quotation, please send an inquiry via the contact form or by email to, providing basic company details.


    I have a hemp store, with supplements, e-cigarettes. Can I sell SaltyPot products?

    All our products are registered in Poland and are completely legal under the law. The percentage of THC, in each case is less than 0.2% by volume.

    I would like to purchase products "in bulk" and pack in my own packaging, is it possible?

    Yes, we conduct bulk sales. Dries, jellies, oils or distillates in bulk packages are also available for wholesale customers.

    Is it possible to produce White Label, for my brand?

    Yes, we are able to produce any finished product for your company, with your own graphics and branding.

    Will I receive promotional materials, a stand or display?

    Depending on the size of the order and the distribution channel, we provide with the first order the necessary promotional materials to support product sales.

    What is the minimum value of a wholesale order?

    After registration in the wholesale panel, such information will be in the order summary.