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    Dripp™ HHC O Flowers, The Popcorn

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    (6 customer reviews)

    Dripp™ hemp seed is selected, internally grown, high quality hemp flowers with HHC O.

    'The Popcorn' is a mix of our best Sativa-type strains, encased in a 5 gram convenient packet with Integra Boost insert. This mix gives a bright, clear effect that will make you feel cheerful and creative. It has a very fresh aroma that is woody, earthy. Due to its high potency, it should only be used by consumers with a high tolerance.

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    Dripp™ HHC O, The Popcorn

    Top quality fibre hemp flowers with HHC O. Product from certified organic European cultivation. The product has  Naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. 

    Cannabinoid content:

    HHC O: > 30%
    CBG: 4.8
    CBD: 2.5%
    THC: <0.2%

    Warnings: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Product intended for adults only. Keep out of reach of children! Product intended for vaporisation.
    Lot and expiry date: 7.23

    6 reviews for Dripp™ Susz HHC O, The Popcorn

    1. maniac -

      jak dla mnie najlepszy

    2. Max -

      pure perfection

    3. Marek -

      Daje tylko 4 ponieważ strasznie bolała mnie głowa po zejściu haju, a sam susz jest dość suchy mimo dodania pochłaniacza wilgoci. Może dlatego że użyłem bongo, możliwe że przy „podgrzewaczach” suszu było by inaczej.

    4. hersh -

      pełen relaks

    5. michal -

      dla mnie bomba

    6. jamłasica -

      wszystko cacy DZIAŁA!!!

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